Since its inception, Punchdrunk has been inherently nomadic. Now, for the first time, it has its own home in which to nurture new forms of experiential theatre.

The Village is a space for Punchdrunk to innovate, incubate and explore its future artistic and enrichment practice. It provides the canvas for the company to continue to push the boundaries of live performance and storytelling for a growing range of audiences. 

The Village houses ideas that span the breadth of the company’s work including core artistic activity, enrichment projects, sensory work and the intersection with new technologies. It builds on the success of Punchdrunk’s ambitious and transformative projects in order to devise a new generation of remarkable productions and audience experiences.

Felix Barrett says:

The Village houses a series of structures – that include the church, the school room, the bric-a-brac shop and the Mayor’s house – each of which hold the kernel of an idea, and provide a creative space to research and develop those ideas further. It enables us to develop the use and integration of digital technologies to create a new theatrical vernacular. It allows us to fuse these experiments with our innovative enrichment projects providing an opportunity for young audiences to help imagine and uncover the future of our work. And it is a laboratory to nurture Punchdrunk’s creative team, unlocking new ideas.

The Village is not a public production or space. In 2017, the Village will be part of the Haringey community, and Punchdrunk Enrichment will develop projects with and for the local community and schools. It will also host a programme of workshops and professional development opportunities for artists and teachers to share the company’s established methodologies. 

Further information on activity within and findings from the Village will be collected here.

The Village is a radical new project for Punchdrunk made possible in major part through the generous support of the Keyholders. If you would like to support the company’s artistic development, you can find out more about our Keyholder scheme here

Supported by:
Sound partner – EM Acoustics
Lighting partner – White Light

Work experience partners: 
Creativity Works
University of Exeter
Guildhall School of Music & Drama


Designer: Kate Rigby
Production Manager: Andrea Salazar
Producer: Alex Rowse
Head of Sound: Salvador Garza
Heads of Lighting and Lighting Design Consultants: Joshua Pharo & Sarah Readman
Head of Set: James Boult
Heads of Paint: Beata Csikmak & Lizzie Wilkinson
Head of Crew: Calum Mercer