Punchdrunk Enrichment have worked in over 100 schools to date. Projects focus on the innate creativity of both teachers and pupils whilst delivering curriculum in immersive and imaginative formats. INSETs for these projects have enabled teachers to continue the legacy of this work by supporting them in their own creative teaching practices. Punchdrunk Enrichment also delivered a series of successful INSETs on the set of The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable in 2014.

This brand new series of INSETs for Primary and Secondary teachers will take place in Punchdrunk’s immersive research and development space; Fallow Cross in Tottenham. Teachers will explore Punchdrunk Enrichment’s creative techniques and be given practical tools and support to deliver their own curriculum back in school.

A 25% discount is available to schools in Haringey or the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

"This was the best day of my teaching career" 
Teacher, Punchdrunk INSET


"The Secondary INSET was excellent – very informative and practical and I took a lot of ideas away. It was probably one of the best INSETs I’ve done in a long time." 
Teacher, Punchdrunk INSET




Aimed at secondary drama teachers who are interested in developing performance work with their classes based on Punchdrunk’s practice.

During the day teachers will:

- Work with company creatives to explore Punchdrunk’s core techniques and principles

- Develop their own physicality and performance skills whilst acquiring exercises, games and approaches for taking the company’s practice into a school setting.  

- Work with well know texts and stories to adapt them for immersive performance.

- Create a short immersive performance applying all of the above to a practical piece of work.




Teachers will work with core company creatives to explore the techniques and principles used to create primary school projects and apply them to their own curriculum objectives to be used back in the classroom.

During the day teachers will:

- Explore the principals of The Lost Lending Library; Punchdrunk Enrichment’s flagship primary school project, delivered in a magical library installation with a literacy focus, this project has proven particularly successful in engaging boys and SEN students in writing.

- Work through a Teacher-Led Adventure; Punchdrunk Enrichment’s brand new primary school project for one teacher and their class that places the teacher at the centre of the creativity with a series of small design installations and writing tasks to ignite children’s passion for reading and writing for purpose.

- Develop their own project with a curriculum focus of their choosing; projects can be tailored to any area of curriculum and might range from one lesson plan to a plan of work over a whole term.

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