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• Memberships are suitable for people aged 18 years and over. We do not recommend those younger than 18 become Keyholders as we cannot guarantee that under-18s will be admitted to Punchdrunk shows or events.
• Bow, Zeiss, Abloy and Skeleton Keys may be held by two people residing at the same address, but occasionally capacity restrictions for projects and events will apply, and in rare instances we may not be able to guarantee places for joint members at Bow Level.
• Valet Keys are for individuals only.
• All membership contributions support Punchdrunk (a UK registered Charity – number 1113741) and the charity’s work within the United Kingdom only.
• The Keyholder scheme is subject to Punchdrunk’s full terms and conditions.
• Punchdrunk reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
• If you purchase a membership at a promotional price, any subsequent renewal donation will be made at the advertised full price.


• Benefits and tickets are subject to availability and we reserve the right to change Keyholder benefits in keeping with Punchdrunk’s artistic programme and schedule.
• Member benefits cannot be applied retrospectively.
• Membership is for personal use only, non transferable and non refundable. We reserve the right to cancel membership without refund where members are found reselling tickets or benefits for commercial gain.
• The majority of event invitations for Keyholders will be complimentary. Some event access may incur an additional event charge.
• Bow, Zeiss, Abloy and Skeleton Keyholders are provided with a physical Key upon joining the Keyholder scheme. Replacement keys can be issued upon request, however a cost may be incurred. We will endeavour to send out Key Packages within 4 weeks of your donation.
• One-on-one experiences are not guaranteed as a Keyholder membership benefit. However, Keys are given to Punchdrunk Keyholders at Bow, Zeiss, Abloy and Skeleton levels, and these Keys can be used to access secrets rewards. The rewards will differ from project to project and year to year but could include access to a one-on-one experience.
• Keyholders may be restricted to a maximum number of tickets per performance.
• Bow, Zeiss, Abloy and Skeleton Keyholders are entitled to access priority ticketing opportunities for Punchdrunk and Punchdrunk International productions internationally.
• Valet Keyholders are entitled to access priority ticketing opportunities for productions taking place in the UK only.
• Some performances may be created for child audiences, and not suitable for adults attending without children. However we make every effort to stage adapted versions of such productions for adult audiences and for Keyholders to receive priority invitations for these.
• Regretfully Keyholder priority bookings for international productions does not apply to Sleep No More in New York. All tickets can be booked here.
• We will contact you in the month before your membership is due for renewal, detailing any further actions you may need to take in order to renew.

Monthly Donors

• All Keyholders who choose to make donations on a monthly basis must provide current card details, and update Punchdrunk when and if these need to be updated.
• Monthly donations will be processed on (or close to) the 29th of each month.
• If a card cannot be processed for two successive months Punchdrunk reserves the right to terminate the Keyholder membership associated with that payment card.


• If you decide to cancel your Keyholder membership with Punchdrunk within the first 2 weeks of signing up, we will return your donation in full, minus a small admin fee. If however, any membership benefits have been awarded during the two week cancellation clause period we reserve the right to withdraw those benefits.
• You may cancel your Keyholder Membership at any time, but we will not issue a refund beyond the two week cancellation clause period.
• In the event of any dispute about Keyholder membership or benefits, the matter will be referred to Punchdrunk’s Head of Development whose decision will be final.

Your Data

• Upon becoming a Keyholder, the email you provide will be added to the appropriate Keyholder email newsletter list so you can receive relevant updates and announcements. You can unsubscribe at any time but please note that you may then miss out on information regarding Keyholder benefits. No refunds will apply in these circumstances.
• If your membership lapses your email will be removed from the relevant Keyholder email newsletter.
• Keyholders might also wish to subscribe to both the Punchdrunk email newsletter and Punchdrunk International email newsletter.
• In order to provide Keyholders with advance notice priority ticket booking, we may share Keyholders names, email addresses, postcodes and membership numbers with third party ticketing partners.
• Data is held in strictest confidence in-line with General Data Protection Regulations. All partners are subject to the same regulatory guidance.
• Read Punchdrunk’s Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions please contact our Development department. The team can be reached on 0207 655 0940 or via [email protected]

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