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Leaving a Legacy

As a charity, (registered number 1113741) leaving Punchdrunk a gift in your Will is a lasting way to support our charitable objectives and enable us to continue producing groundbreaking work for many years to come.

The theatrical experiences that Punchdrunk produces are like no other, giving unique experiences to audiences. A legacy gift to Punchdrunk helps ensure that future generations will likewise experience the magic of Punchdrunk productions and projects.

I know that writing a will is not the first thing most people think about when they attend a theatre production, but for me it’s been a no-brainer. I love Punchdrunk’s Enrichment work – it reaches people who can’t help but be completely bowled over by the world that has been created for them, and I believe it has the potential to change lives.

– A Punchdrunk supporter who has kindly named Punchdrunk in their Will

As Punchdrunk is a registered charity, no inheritance tax is payable on the amount of your gift. So in addition to supporting Punchdrunk, your legacy gift could also reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate.

Anyone can make a gift in their Will. If you decide to leave a legacy gift, you can remember Punchdrunk with a fixed amount (a pecuniary gift) or a percentage share of the residue of your estate (a residual gift). A gift of any size will be gratefully received.

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