Throughout 2019 and 2020, both Punchdrunk and Punchdrunk International will collaborate with technologists and creatives to explore the potential of three key areas:

Environmental Sound Design

Developing new ways to experience sound in a three dimensional environment. Supported by EM Acoustics.


Audience Tracking

Using technology to unlock personalised experiences for large audiences.

Standalone Effect Control

Building an affordable, standalone system that can augment real world spaces with theatrical effects including sound and lighting.


The Audience of the Future Performance Demonstrator is brought about through a unique consortium of cultural industry specialists led by the Royal Shakespeare Company and including: De Montfort University; Epic Games; i2 Media Research Limited; Intel; Magic Leap; Manchester International Festival;  Marshmallow Laser Feast; Nesta; Phi Centre; Philharmonia Orchestra; Punchdrunk; Punchdrunk International; RSC; University of Portsmouth and The Space.

The project is funded within the Audience of the Future programme by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

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