prospero's island

secondary school project • november 2014 - present

Presented by Punchdrunk Enrichment and The Hackney Learning Trust.


Hidden in the darkness, somewhere in the shadows, is the story of a storm, an island, and a man with unfathomable powers…

An invitation from the Gamesmaster and the appearance of a mysterious key is the beginning of  a voyage of discovery for secondary school students and their teachers. Inside the hub and around the school, the completion of each challenge draws them deeper into the world of Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Prospero’s Island is a project with The Hackney Learning Trust and the Petchey Academy, designed to engage Year 7 and 8 students with Shakespeare. Learning objectives include increasing pupil engagement with literacy, improving standards in writing, speaking and listening at Key Stage 3, and improving social learning. Students are invited into a dark and exciting world of detailed installations, where performers set them team-based challenges to unlock further levels and spaces across their school.


This project was evaluated by the Open University. You can find the executive summary of this report here and do get in touch at if you are interested in the full report.


Director: Hector Harkness
Designer: Julie Landau
Sound Designer: Stephen Dobbie
Lighting Designer: Euan Maybank


Photos by Paul Cochrane

Prospero's Island was generously supported by The Hackney Learning Trust.