Searching For Stories

temple studios, london • Autumn 2013 - Spring 2014


An adventure begins in the classroom and leads pupils on a clandestine visit to the legendary Temple Studios. There they help the Temple creatives to generate new ideas for the studio’s latest offering, ‘The Mystery of San Bernadino', and in the process realise that they could be the ones to save the studios from financial ruin…

Searching For Stories was a project created for six primary schools in the borough of Westminster, as part of the Enrichment programme for The Drowned Man. The project aimed to give participants a rich and surprising storytelling experience that ignited their imaginations.


Directors: Peter Higgin & Katy Balfour
Sound & Graphic Design: Stephen Dobbie
Graphic Artist: Simon Davies
Filmmaker: Liam Smith

Photos by Paul Cochrane

Searching for Stories was generously supported by the Backstage Trust.