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Other Ways to support

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Donate by bank transfer

We are pleased to accept donations by direct bank transfer or standing order. Please request Punchdrunk’s bank details by emailing [email protected] 

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Donate by cheque

We are pleased to accept donations by cheque made payable to ‘Punchdrunk’.

Please write your name and email address on the reverse of your cheque and mail to Punchdrunk, Cannon Factory, Ashley Road, London, N17 9LH.

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Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

CAF, which is itself a UK charity, exists to assist individual donors support causes that matter to them. CAF can be used to make a one off donation to Punchdrunk via Paypal, debit or credit card or by creating a CAF giving account.  An account allows for a donation to CAF to be distributed to many charities with efficiency.  You can make a donation with complete anonymity with CAF. CAF also accepts donations from individuals living outside of the UK.

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CAF Give As You Earn

CAF provides Payroll Giving services for the 2,700 british companies enrolled.  Employees can make pre-tax donation from their pension or salary directly to Punchdrunk. Contact your HR team to see if your company is enrolled or open to setting this up.

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Charities Aid Foundation, America (CAF America)

Donors in America can support Punchdrunk in a tax effective way by donating here through CAF America (which has 501(c)3 tax exempt status) and searching for Punchdrunk in their global charity database. American donors can become Keyholders, or provide unrestricted support by donating in this way. Please note that the minimum donation via CAF America is $500 and an admin fee of 8% is chargeable

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Your employer may match your Keyholder subscription or donation via the Benevity cause portal.  We are a featured charity on the Benevity portal, and are currently seeking support to bring The Lost Lending Library to a new group of primary schools.  Please watch this film to find out more, and consider making a donation matching request if you work for a company that is enrolled with Benevity.  Eligible donations are matched pound for pound by your employer, meaning your contribution to Punchdrunk’s charitable work is doubled and goes a whole lot further.

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We are pleased to accept donations in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Our Bitcoin wallet address is:  3HWVXL4tcrCL1gy5cz2j6YVD3h62pffL7w

Our Ethereum wallet address is:  0xBD628Fb0341A79100e66B0639337d78DF6bFAA95

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PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund enables individuals to make unrestricted donations to charities without being charged fees. This is great way to make a one off donation to support Punchdrunk’s work.  You can also make donations via the PayPal mobile app.

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Ebay Sellers

Anyone selling via Ebay can set a % of the sale amount to be given to a charity, including Punchdrunk.  If you sell on Ebay, please consider setting Punchdrunk as your chosen charity partner.

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Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle sells games and gaming bundles. Purchases made via their online store at Humble Bundle can include a donation to Punchdrunk.  Purchasers can also control the % donated on some bundles.

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You can support Punchdrunk when shopping on Amazon.  Select Punchdrunk as your chosen Charity, and 0.5% of all eligible purchases will be passed on as a charitable donation.  Go to AmazonSmile to get started.

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