The lost lending library

primary school project • october 2013 - present


The Lost Lending Library aims to raise standards in literacy, speaking and listening through engagement with an unforgettable narrative that unfolds within the school.

A freelance librarian visits pupils at a primary school, where they discuss their favourite books and stories. A shared love of the book How To Live Forever by Colin Thompson and the discovery of a strange locked book leads to the mysterious arrival of the Lost Lending Library. At 814 floors high and with 402 spiral side departments, it is the largest collection of books in the world. The Library leaps from place to place, arriving where it knows it can find the most precious books of all time: new stories written by young apprentices of the library.

Punchdrunk Enrichment is currently delivering The Lost Lending Library in the London Borough of Greenwich and is looking for more schools to work with in the borough. 

To express interest in The Lost Lending Library, please email


Emma Miles, PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London, produced a case-study report of the project between January and August 2015, funded by Creativeworks London's Researcher-in-Residence scheme. You can read the executive summary here, and do get in touch if you are interested in the full report.


"This project has been transformative! The children have been buzzing in a world of magic and fascination for the past three weeks. Our school will not be the same without it. Stunning and inspiring!" Headteacher at Linton Mead Primary School.

“I can’t remember seeing anything quite like it and I can understand why the children – and the teachers! – are mesmerized by it.  We don’t always see the arts, creativity and schools working together well but this was a good example of how it can be done effectively". Baroness Estelle Morris, former Education Secretary.

The whole project is such a great hook for the children's learning and is going to have a bigger impact on the children's learning than we could have had without it!” Headteacher, 2016

“Now everybody reads more. My sister reads more, I read more and even my parents read more. My mum saw The Lost Lending Library and now she reads to my baby brother at dinner.” Key Stage 2 pupil


Creators: Peter Higgin, Frances Moulds & Matthew Odell
Designers: Livi Vaughan, Kate Rigby & James Boult
Sound & Graphic Design: Stephen Dobbie

Photos by Paul Cochrane

The Lost Lending Library is generously supported by


Sir William Boreman’s Foundation • Unwin Charitable Trust

Past delivery of The Lost Lending Library was supported by

Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation • Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation • Clifford Chance Foundation • Ellis Campbell Charitable Foundation • Ernest Cook Trust • The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation • Mercers' Company Charitable Foundation • The Rayne Foundation • SHINE • The Sobell Foundation • THAMES • Unity Theatre Trust