tunnel 228

London, UK  • 2009

Presented by Punchdrunk and The Old Vic.


Inspired by Fritz Lang's silent masterpiece, Metropolis, Tunnel 228 showcased the work of 23 artists working in the unclassifiable territory between theatre and contemporary art  in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath Waterloo Station.




'No company has done more to expand the idea of what theatre can do than the engrossing, meticulous, shrewdly secretive and constantly changing Punchdrunk.' 

Susannah Clapp, The Observer


'It's a sure sign that a company is firing on all cylinders when it doesn't just keep repeating the same formula but tries something different ... as if the future is already here, without us having noticed its arrival.' 

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


'Exquisite, visceral theatre.' 

Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard


Conceived by: Felix Barrett & Colin Nightingale
Directors: Felix Barrett & Maxine Doyle
Creative Producer: Colin Nightingale
Designers: Livi Vaughan & Beatrice Minns
Technical Director: Euan Maybank
Sound Design & Composition: Stephen Dobbie 


Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
Philip Cath & Khloe Sjogren
Doug Foster
Paul Fryer
Susanna Hertrich
Lightning & Kinglyface
Mark Jenkins
Alastair Mackie
Kate McGwire
Anthony Micallef
Luke Montgomery
Polly Morgan
Olympia Scarry
Petroc Sesti
Ben Tyers
Hugo Wilson
Xenz & Busk


Photos by Stephen Dobbie

Sponsored by Bloomberg.