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Using Punchdrunk design to bring a character to life in your classroom

The character that contacts the children in A Small Tale: A Teacher-Led Adventure is a little girl from the 1940s. The letter she wrote all those years ago urges the children to write stories in order to save the lives of two tiny people.

In this masterclass, teachers will learn how to create a myth and a realistic character to increase children’s engagement with learning. Using Punchdrunk’s approach to immersive narratives and detailed design, teachers will explore how to engage children with a specific learning outcome through interaction with a character. Teachers will design magical props, letters and notes to bring a character to life.

The masterclass will be led by Enrichment Associate Director Tara Boland and Enrichment Assistant Director Alice Devlin.

Date: Thursday 11th June

Location: Poplar Union

Running time: 9.30am – 3.30pm

Total cost: £200

Lunch and refreshments are included.

Please note: this masterclass is for primary school teachers.


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